Hello I would like to introduce my Reborn Cheeky Monkey


All of my babies are created from professional doll makers clay

by hand and then produced into vinyl reborn for reborn artists to bring their artistic vision to life.


This Cheeky Monkey has been reborned by my self. He is 22 inches long and has beautiful glass eyes.

He wears 0-3 month baby clothing and he also has a magnetic dummy.


Each baby is made with love and care and has its own personality, just as a real baby would have.


There is no other baby like him in the world.


There may be slight imperfections  but these are handmade dolls.


Cheeky Monkey has been painted and blushed with heat set paints.   
His fingernails and toenails have been lightly glossed.




Photographs have been taken over a few days that is why the lighting looks different



Cheeky Monkey is a true One Of A Kind Art Doll and was made to be collected and cherished by the adult collector, he is not intended as a child's toy.


Everything else are props and do not come home with Lucas. 



Reborn Cheeky Monkey Finished Reborn Doll!