Hello I would like to introduce one of a kind Baby Martin


All of my One of a kind babies are created from professional doll makers clay

by hand and a few selected tools. 


No moulds are used in making any of my babies and No moulds are taken from my "one of a kind babies". 


Each baby is sculpted with love and care and has its own personality, just as a real baby would have.


These dolls are 100% handmade without the use of moulds.


Hope you like Baby Martin ....look how sweet this litte baby boy is...



Baby Martin is  about 6 inches long but she would be longer if he were stretched out. He is very realistic and has all the detail you would expect to find on a larger baby. Martin has full clay sculpted arms, legs and head.


He has a soft cloth body filled with glass beads and poly pellets for weight,

so he is very pose-able. Martin can move her little arms and legs and even turn his little head. There is no other baby like him in the world.


There may be slight imperfections and discolouration in the clay.


Martin has been blushed with heat set paints.   
His tiny fingernails and toenails have been lightly glossed.

Martin has Premium baby brown mohair baked onto his head.
No details have been overlooked on this sweet baby boy.


Photographs have been taken over a few days that is why the lighting looks different


Remember to handle Martin with care

all clay dolls are fragile and can break if not handled correctly!


Baby Martin is a true One Of A Kind Art Doll and was made to be collected and cherished by the adult collector, he is not intended as a child's toy.


Everything else are props and do not come home with Martin. 


Martin will come with a signed certificate.

One of a kind mini Clay Baby Martin


    A Miracle in a Cradle, so tiny and so new. A Miracle in a Cradle, too Beautiful to be True. 

    Phil Donnelly Babies


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