My name is Philomena Donnelly (Phil for short). I am an artist and self-taught doll sculptor from Ireland.

I am the sole self taught artist behind Phil Donnelly Babies. I am originally from Cork, Ireland but I am now

living in the North of Ireland. My husband Damien and I met each other whilst completing our apprenticeships in Germany.

All of our Reborn Doll Kits start off as a block of polymer clay, and nothing else but a few small hand tools, and lots of time and love.

I first started teaching myself the art of sculpting baby dolls in 2005 and in 2007, we launched our company.


We are the only Irish company producing Reborn Doll Kits from hand sculpted dolls, which are all made at home by myself.


Whilst I am the sole artist, Damien largely looks after production, sales and distribution.

We have four beautiful children, Aimee, Darryl, Sean and Kaiden, who inspire us every single day.

We also have a beautiful dog named Munchkin.

Me with my Mum
Our pet Munchkin

My babies range in size from 2.5 inches right up to 24 inch lifesize babies. 

We also produce some of my babies as vinyl reborn doll kits and finished silicone babies for the ever expanding reborn market.

It is amazing to see how the talented reborn artists around the world bring my work to life.

It gives me great pleasure when reborners and customers share their babies with me.

Please check out some of my past work 

This is for viewing pleasure only as all babies on this site have been adopted

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If you would like to deal our any of our kits or supplies

please contact us for details. philsooak@ntlworld.com